Two Tone Hair Color Ideas – Easy And Cool!

Can’t decide between two lovely shades of hair color? Go for a two-toned look, to incorporate both colors into one outstanding hairstyle. Two-toned hairstyles are rapidly becoming very popular with women all over the world, with everyone from Lauren Conrad to your average Jane sporting one this season. The visual aesthetic that this style provides will make you the talk of the town.

This angular bob cut is one that is sure to grab lots of attention from passersby. It’s essentially designed for a confident, outgoing woman, with its vibrant strike of color slashing through the middle of the bob. It would be look fabulous with the bangs pictured above, swooping bangs, or short, retro bangs (cut at least 2 inches above brow line).

Red is definitely the hot shade of 2014. This particular look subtly incorporates a red hue into a brunette hairstyle for a sultry look. Red looks best matched with a chestnut brown, as they compliment one another, bringing out the natural red shades in the brown.

Platinum blond has carried over its popularity into the new year. Pair it up with a caramel brown for the perfect two-toned combo. This short hairstyle is sleek and sophisticated, with brown on the bottom and platinum blond coloring the top layers to give your hair the “kick” that it lacks. Hair by Mark Leeson

Lauren Conrad’s luscious locks look great with this trendy ombre hair coloring. Ombre hair coloring is not the same thing as the popular dip-dying, as it only incorporates blond and brown for a more “natural” look. This two-toned color looks great on long, wavy hair.

Purple is the perfect color to match up with a black (or dark brown) shade, because of its ability to successfully blend in with the dark shade of tresses. The purple color can be added in with highlights for a more subtle look or blocked color sections for an unconventional flair.

This look can be achieved by dying the underside of your bangs a bright, vibrant color. You can mix and match any color under the sun and still achieve the desired effect. It’s a particularly bold way to style your bangs, but what better way to start fresh for the new year!

Dip-dying has definitely brought its trendiness into the new year. This style is best for people who are wary of the permanence and upkeep that comes with dying your whole head a dramatic color, but still want that unusual flair.

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Shelby January 27, 2012 at 7:22 pm

I like a lot of what I see in your blog, but the issue here is what I find everywhere- unrealistic hair. It seems like all you can find is one extreme or the other (boring or hot pink), whereas I’m attempting to search for edgy cuts and colors that I can still wear to work. It seems like most websites only cater to those without careers… unless your career is fashion. What about the rest of us?


admin January 28, 2012 at 12:43 pm

Hi, Thank you for interest, I’m going to write a post with hair color ideas for girls like you :)


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